Best Ramadan Quotes | Ramadan Kareem Quotes

Ramadan Kareem (Ramadhan or Ramzan) The ninth month of the Muslim calendar, 2023, is also known as the month of fasting (Roza), which is regarded as one of the five fundamental tenets of Islam. As Muslims, we send each other a lot of cool SMS during Ramadan along with quotes, images, wishes, and greetings.


1. May the divine month of Ramadan purge your past sins and fill your heart with love, mercy, and kindness. Brother, happy Ramadan.

2:. In order to fulfill the purpose of Ramadan this year, educate yourself about Allah, the greatest being in the universe. Remain aware of His power. Happy Ramadan.

3:  Praise Allah this Ramadan because He never turns away a person who is fasting, a father, or a pilgrim from praying to Him. Enjoy Ramadan, my wife.

4: Adopt the teachings of Islam and remain true to your convictions. Because an end is never “The End,” may the conclusion of this Ramadan signal the start of a brand-new journey towards Jannah. Happy Ramadan, my husband.

5: May this Ramadan lead to your conversion to Islam. May the celebration shape your desires and heart. Happy Ramadan to you.

6: May this Ramadan bring you the rewards of your good deeds, just as the month of harvest brings you the fruits of your labour. Happy Ramadan to all of you.

7: We are supported and able to stand here by His grace. We will observe Ramadan the following year, may He bless us. I wish you a blessed Ramadan, kid.

8: May this month transform your soul into kindness, your heart into mercy, your pride into politeness, and may this Ramadan be your compass in life, son.

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