what is guest posting? free and paid guest posting sites 2023

what is guest posting free and paid guest posting sites 2023

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is a content marketing strategy where you write and publish articles on other websites or blogs as a guest author. It involves collaborating with website owners or bloggers to contribute valuable and informative content to their platforms.

what is guest posting free and paid guest posting sites 2023
what is guest posting free and paid guest posting sites 2023

Guest posting offers several benefits, including expanding your reach to new audiences, building your authority and credibility in your industry, generating backlinks to improve SEO, fostering relationships with other professionals, and driving qualified traffic to your own website.

As for free instant approval guest posting sites, it’s important to note that the availability of such sites can vary, and the quality and credibility of the sites should be assessed before submitting your content. Here are a few tips to find potential guest posting sites:

  1. Search Engine Queries: Use search engines like Google to find guest posting opportunities by searching for queries like “write for us,” “guest post guidelines,” or “submit a guest post” along with keywords related to your industry. To find sites that offer instant approval, you can include terms like “instant approval guest posting” or “fast approval guest posting” in your search queries.
  2. Social Media Groups and Communities: Join industry-specific groups and communities on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. Engage with other members and inquire about guest posting opportunities within those communities. Some groups may have instant approval policies or recommendations for such sites.
  3. Blogger Outreach: Reach out directly to bloggers or website owners in your niche and inquire about their guest posting policies. Some bloggers may offer instant approval or have a quick review process for guest posts. You can ask if they provide instant approval or if they have any recommendations for sites with such policies.
  4. Guest Posting Platforms: Certain guest posting platforms or websites may offer instant approval options. These platforms often have specific guidelines and submission processes. Examples include MyBlogGuest, Guestpost.com, and Blogger LinkUp. Explore these platforms and check if they offer instant approval options.

Remember, while instant approval guest posting sites may provide a quick response, it’s essential to assess the quality and relevance of the sites. Ensure they align with your industry, have a good reputation, and offer a genuine opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Please note that the availability and suitability of specific guest posting sites, especially those offering instant approval, may vary, and it’s recommended to research and evaluate each opportunity individually based on your goals and target audience.

Here are some free guest posting sites where you can submit your content:

  1. Medium – A popular platform for sharing stories and articles on various topics.
  2. LinkedIn Pulse – Allows you to publish articles and reach a professional audience.
  3. EzineArticles – An article directory accepting submissions in various categories.
  4. BiggerPockets – Focuses on real estate investing and related topics.
  5. ArticleCube – Provides a platform for submitting articles on a wide range of subjects.
  6. SooperArticles – Allows free article submission in multiple categories.
  7. HubPages – A community-driven platform for publishing articles and earning revenue.
  8. Vocal.Media – Accepts creative and informative articles across different genres.
  9. News Break – A platform for local news and community-focused articles.
  10. Quora – Allows you to contribute knowledge by answering questions and writing informative posts.

These are just a few examples of free guest posting sites. Remember to review each site’s guidelines and terms of service before submitting your content. Also, consider targeting sites that align with your niche or industry to ensure relevance and reach your target audience effectively.

Please note that while these sites offer free guest posting opportunities, some may also offer premium features or paid options for enhanced visibility or additional benefits.

Here are some paid guest posting sites where you can explore opportunities for submitting your content:

  1. Forbes – A renowned platform for business, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership articles.
  2. Entrepreneur – Offers guest posting options for business-related topics and insights.
  3. Inc. – Focuses on startup, business, and industry trends.
  4. HuffPost – Covers a wide range of topics including news, lifestyle, and opinion pieces.
  5. Business Insider – Offers business news, analysis, and expert opinions.
  6. Mashable – Focuses on technology, entertainment, and culture.
  7. Fast Company – Covers innovation, leadership, and business trends.
  8. HubSpot – Provides marketing, sales, and business growth insights.
  9. Search Engine Journal – Offers SEO and digital marketing news and insights.
  10. Smashing Magazine – Covers web design and development topics.
  11. Copyblogger – Focuses on content marketing and copywriting.
  12. Social Media Today – Provides insights on social media marketing and digital trends.
  13. Moz – Offers SEO and online marketing resources.
  14. SitePoint – Focuses on web development, design, and programming.
  15. The Huffington Post – Covers a wide range of topics, including news, lifestyle, and opinion pieces.

Please note that the availability and terms for paid guest posting may vary for each site. It’s essential to review their guidelines, pricing, and submission processes before considering paid options. Additionally, ensure that the chosen platform aligns with your industry and target audience to maximize the impact of your guest posts.

Remember, paid guest posting can offer additional benefits such as wider exposure, increased credibility, and access to a larger audience. However, it’s crucial to evaluate the return on investment and align it with your overall marketing strategy and goals.

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