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You can visit this website if you’re looking for the Best Iftar Buffet in Karachi in 2023. There are thousands of restaurants in Karachi, but only a small number of them provide buffets during the month of Ramadan. To make your iftar special, visit one of the top restaurants on our shortlist. You can therefore quickly look through the list of these establishments to find out which ones not only offer the Iftar buffet but also the best Iftar buffet in Karachi. One thing to remember is to always reserve a table in advance because there are only so many seats available. 

Karachi’s Best Iftar Buffet 2023 In Karachi, thousands of restaurants are currently open for business. Now, look at the information in the section below. You can decide which restaurant best suits your palate. You must visit restaurants to ensure that your Ramadan is blessed with the best flavors. Here is a comprehensive list of all the restaurants for your convenience. You must now plan your 2023 Ramadan using the best offers Karachi has to offer.

The list of locations for the best iftar in Karachi is available here for those who are eager to do so. The best Iftar experience in Karachi can be had at these locations for very reasonable prices. What are you still holding out for? Simply look over the list of eateries and go to any of them.

1. Kolachi Restaurant: 


The Kolachi restaurants rank among the top 5 eateries in Karachi when it comes to the best buffets. This location also provides an Iftar buffet to its patrons during the holiest month of Ramadan, which you can check out from here. 

2. Cafeela Restaurant


Cafeela is a fine dining establishment that serves food of the highest caliber. The secret ingredient combines taste, nutrition, and hygiene. They provide a huge selection of high-quality food from all over the world. Our specialties include barbecue, Indian food, and seafood. At Cafeela Restaurant, Iftar and the dinner buffet are only RS 950 + GST.

3. Chaupal Restaurant

Chaupal Restaurant

Do you know that Chaupal Restaurant in Karachi also provides an Iftar buffet? If so, you should visit this page to view the full menu and prices. You can reserve this location for an enjoyable Iftar buffet and go there. Additionally, this location added a car dining service during the Pandemic. Check out the complete information about the Iftar buffets at Chaupal Restaurant here.

4. Lal Qila Karachi

Lal Qila Karachi

When it comes to the best Iftar locations in Karachi, Lal Qila Karachi is a must-visit. One of the best buffet menus is available to customers at this location. This is one of the best Iftar buffets in Karachi in 2023, so if you’re a foodie looking for the ideal location for Iftar, you should go there. Visit and sample the Lal Qila Iftar Buffet in 2023.

5. Rosati Bistro

Rosati Bistro

Only from Friday to Sunday is this iftar buffet offered. Through lucky draws, guests who come here for a special iftar dinner will have the opportunity to win gifts. So, arrange a trip there with the family.

6. The Burger Shack

The Burger Shack

Burger Shack is a neighborhood quick-service restaurant that aims to serve Halal, high-quality food at reasonable prices. Without meat, an Iftar is insufficient! Check out our unique, flavorful, and quirky Ramadan deals. Details about Burger Shack are available here.

7. Mandi Al Khaleej Restaurant

Mandi Al Khaleej

We have brought Karachi the best and the original Mandi from the Middle Eastern dynasty. From iftar until 2:00 AM, we are now serving you the delectable real taste of Mandi and many other traditional middle eastern dishes. 

8. Zeytin Restaurant

Zeytin Restaurant

If you’re looking for Turkish or Middle Eastern restaurants in Karachi, look no further than Zeytin. They have created an exotic dining experience that you won’t soon forget by capturing the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean seaside region through to Turkey. View the Zeytin Restaurant Iftar buffet’s specifics here.

9. Restaurant Rangoli

rangoli restaurant karachi

The Rangoli restaurant is renowned for having the tastiest buffet in Karachi. In addition to providing an iftar buffet to customers at very affordable prices, this location is one of the best iftar locations during the month of Ramadan Karim. The price and other information for the Iftar Buffet at the Rangoli restaurant can be found here. This buffet is exclusive to Ramadan and won’t be offered outside of that month. Additionally, because there are a limited number of seats, you must make a reservation for a table before coming here.

10. Urban Tarka

For foodies who enjoy the best cuisine at the best prices, Urban Tarka is providing an Iftar cum dinner buffet. Since Ramadan has begun, you are welcome to stop by for the entire month’s Iftar and dinner buffet. Those who are eager to view the iftar buffet menu can view the full menu and prices from this page.

Here are all the details on the Best Iftar Buffet in Karachi in 2023. You can obtain the information from here even if you are a resident of another city. Stay with us and open the main website page to see the additional information.

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