The ‘Stories’ feature on YouTube will be removed in June.

The 'Stories' feature on YouTube will be removed in June.

The business wants to concentrate on other crucial areas, such as shorts, community posts, live videos, etc.

The Google-owned video-streaming service YouTube announced on Thursday that “YouTube Stories” will be discontinued on June 26.

The opportunity to create a new YouTube Story will be unavailable as of June 26, 2023, according to a blog post published by YouTube. On that day, stories that are already online will end seven days after they were first shared.

The company intends to concentrate on other crucial areas in the meantime, such as shorts, community posts, live videos, etc.

The business also stated that reminders via YouTube Studio, forum postings, in-app notifications, and more would be used to inform producers of the shutdown.

Both community posts and YouTube shorts, which have 2.1 billion monthly viewers worldwide, are fantastic possibilities that can enable “viewer connections and conversations,” according to YouTube.

The business claims that YouTube Community postings can be a wonderful tool for producers who want to engage their audience in dialogue, offer brief updates, or promote their YouTube content.

Additionally, YouTubeShorts is a superior choice, according to the firm, with producers who use shorts and stories as opposed to Stories, if users want to produce brief video content or reach new audiences.

A YouTube representative explained the changes to TechCrunch by saying, “We saw that creators benefited from this new format as Shorts adoption grew on YouTube.”

“Stories are disappearing so that we can give priority to the areas that creators need to succeed. We’ll keep making investments to support creators’ development and connections with audiences across platforms,” they added.

The average number of subscribers for shorts is many times higher.

Stories were first made available to creators with over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube in 2018.

Additionally, the business stated that artists used Stories to “engage with their audience in between their more polished and produced videos for things like behind-the-scenes updates, vlogs, sneak peeks at upcoming videos, quick updates, and more.”

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