The insurance sector in the United States: statistics & facts

The United States has one of the biggest insurance markets in the world, with significant premium volumes, a large workforce, and high insurance company income. The yearly amount of insurance premiums written in the United States surpasses one trillion dollars. With its headquarters in New York, MetLife is one of the biggest insurers in the world. Their entire revenue from business operations in the United States was close to 40 billion dollars in 2022.

Leading insurers:

Numerous of the top insurance businesses in the world are based in the United States, which has the largest insurance market globally. In terms of total assets held by each company, Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential Financial, and MetLife lead the U.S. insurance market in 2021. While Berkshire Hathaway is a holding company with subsidiaries involved in freight rail transportation, energy generation and distribution, manufacturing, and retailing, Prudential Financial offers investment management and other financial products in addition to insurance services.

Life & health insurance:

In the United States, health insurance is a constant topic of conversation, particularly since the rollout of Obamacare in 2010 that provided coverage to Americans who were previously uninsured. In the US, there are numerous kinds of health insurance, including both public and commercial options. With a 15 percent market share, UnitedHealth Group Inc. is the biggest health insurance provider based on direct premiums written. MetLife was the biggest life insurance provider in the United States as of January 2024.

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