Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to report group messages.

New Privacy Features on WhatsApp

After reviewing communications, group administrators will be able to delete them.

A fantastic feature is once again being developed for WhatsApp, the preferred software for communication and data sharing among thousands of users.

WaBetaInfo claims that the instant messaging service is developing a new function that will let users report messages to group administrators.

According to the website that tracks apps, a brand-new function called “admin review” is currently being worked on and will be included in a later update of the app.

A beta tester release of the message reporting feature is not yet ready.

For group administrators to better manage the groups, WhatsApp is developing additional functionalities. Users will now have the option to notify the group administrator of selected communications.

WaBetaInfo stated: “When a group member reports a message, it will be sent to the admin for review. If they believe the message is inappropriate or violates the group’s rules, they will be able to choose to delete the message for everyone in the group.”

In the future, users can locate this additional option in the group settings section. However, due to its location within the group settings screen, only group admins will be permitted to activate this feature.

Additionally, a new part of the app, found within the group’s details, will only allow admins to access the reported messages.

Members of the group will be able to decide what information should be shared and what should not with this function. When the administrator is online, anyone who finds something offensive or inappropriate can report it so it can be deleted.

All members would have a secure environment thanks to this.

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