NADRA Introduces New Mobile App for Users

For the convenience of users, NADRA has released the most recent Pak ID mobile app.

Through this app, users can create identity documents from their smartphones and access a variety of other features.

The latest Pak ID mobile app, according to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), allows users to create identity documents through their smartphones. At their homes, users can order ID cards or other documents. All Pakistani citizens will benefit from its convenience.

The Chairman asserted that Pakistan is now the first nation to allow document submission and fingerprint verification online.

The app would change the game, according to earlier statements made by Mr. Malik. He claimed that the public and private sectors would both gain from this cutting-edge online technology. He claimed that the app would also be helpful to expatriates. By enabling quick verification from the Nadra-powered system, the application would open up new opportunities for businesses.

The database’s cutting-edge technology, he claimed, would close the gap between the public and private sectors. He described it as a trailblazer and said that it would put an end to traditional verification techniques and advance the use of electronic document processing without the use of paper. The ease of doing business, financial inclusion, and e-governance, he claimed, would all undergo further revolution thanks to the digital dividends of technology.

Imran Khan, a former prime minister, had also praised the national database authority’s initiative while he was in office. The new concept of a mobile app was described by the former premier as a step towards realising his vision.

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