Karachi|City Of Lights 8 Most Amazing Places You Must Visit

Karachi|City Of Lights 8 Most Amazing Places You Must Visit

Pakistan’s Karachi is known as the “city of lights.” This is both Pakistan’s and the world’s fifth-largest city. Pakistan is lucky to have stunning landscapes and important historical sites. The sea view is another factor that makes this location so appealing. Pakistan’s tourism industry is expanding, and Karachi welcomes a sizable number of visitors each year. Both as a corporate center and a tourism destination, Karachi offers some beautiful locations. Look over the list of fantastic locations you should visit


Everyone should go to Mizar-r-Quaid, one of the most illustrious and historic locations. This tomb has made Karachi famous throughout the world. As a memorial to Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, it was constructed between 1959 and 1969. Here, special rituals are held twice a year, first on August 14th, the nation’s Independence Day, and the other on March 23rd. If you happen to be in town on these dates, the special Parade ceremonies are worth seeing.

Safari Park

The ‘family only’ safari park in Karachi is situated at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The unique species present in this park are what draw visitors the most. Other places of interest for tourists include an elephant enclosure, a chairlift, and swan lakes. As a result, it can become the main draw of your vacation.

Clifton sea view

There are many beach beaches to explore in Karachi. One of those breathtaking beaches that draw visitors is Clifton Sea View Karachi. Visitors and locals who enjoy taking walks along the shore in a nice breeze will find this beach to be a wonderful place to unwind. You can get some breathtaking views of the sunset and the full moon at night while you’re here.

Mohatta Palace

This is just another of Karachi’s most interesting palaces. Additionally, it is significant due to its past. An Indian named Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta constructed it. It is now a fantastic tourist destination, especially from an educational one.

Churna Island

You must visit this island if you want to experience actual adventure when traveling. The Arabian Sea is home to this little island. Scuba diving, underwater photography, jet skiing, cliff diving, speed boating, free diving, and many more exciting sports are available for tourists to enjoy there. You must see this breathtaking location in Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan Air Force Museum

PAF Base Faisal is where this museum is situated. A prominent air force museum is the Pakistan Air Force Museum. Here, a variety of vintage aircraft and other military hardware are on display. There is also a display of historical items related to Quaid-e-Azam. The museum is a sight in Karachi that is worth seeing.

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim

Although this park was constructed in 2007, it simply seemed like a waste. The good news is that this park was recently opened to the public by Prime Minister Imran Khan in March. It was regarded as garbage before that. It has been repaired and restored over the years, and now that it is lushly green, many people visit there to spend time there with their friends and family.

Port Grand

This location is fantastic for tourists and is just as picturesque as a painting. People came here to appreciate one of Karachi’s most stunning locations. It provides access to the port bazaar, some of the best dining in town, and much more for tourists. It is regarded as a top-tier tourism site to draw visitors from around the nation and abroad.

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