How to Add Gradient in WordPress Website Page Button

How to Add Gradient in WordPress Website Page Button


In today’s digital landscape, creating visually appealing websites is crucial for attracting and engaging visitors. One effective design element that can enhance the aesthetics of your WordPress website is the use of gradients in page buttons. This article will guide you on how to add gradients to your WordPress website page buttons, allowing you to create eye-catching and stylish calls-to-action.


how to add gradient in wordpress website page button

1. Understanding Gradients

Before diving into the process, let’s quickly understand what gradients are. Gradients are a blend of two or more colors that smoothly transition from one to another. They add depth and visual interest to elements on your website, such as buttons, backgrounds, or headings. By incorporating gradients into your page buttons, you can make them stand out and grab the attention of your website visitors.

2. Choosing a Gradient Tool

To add gradients to your WordPress website page buttons, you’ll need to use a gradient tool or a plugin that allows you to customize button styles. Here are a few popular options:

a) CSS Gradient Generator

CSS Gradient Generator is a free online tool that enables you to create custom gradients with ease. It provides you with the necessary CSS code that you can copy and apply to your page buttons.

b) Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a popular page builder plugin for WordPress that offers a wide range of design options, including gradient customization. If you’re already using Elementor, you can leverage its built-in gradient features to style your page buttons.

c) CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the appearance of your website without writing code. It provides a user-friendly interface for adding gradients to various elements, including page buttons.

3. Applying Gradients to Page Buttons

Once you’ve chosen a gradient tool or plugin, follow these general steps to apply gradients to your WordPress website page buttons:

Step 1: Install and activate your chosen tool or plugin.

Step 2: Identify the page button you want to modify.

Step 3: Access the customization options provided by the tool or plugin.

Step 4: Select the page button element and choose the gradient option.

Step 5: Customize the gradient by selecting the colors and adjusting the angle or direction of the gradient.

Step 6: Preview and save your changes.

Step 7: Test the modified page button to ensure it displays correctly and functions as expected.

4. Best Practices for Using Gradients in Page Buttons

While adding gradients can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your page buttons, it’s important to keep a few best practices in mind:

a) Consistency: Maintain consistency in gradient styles across your website to create a cohesive design.

b) Readability: Ensure that the text or content on your page buttons remains legible against the gradient background.

c) Contrast: Choose colors that create a noticeable contrast, making your page buttons more visually striking.

d) Responsiveness: Test the responsiveness of your gradients on various devices to ensure they look great on both desktop and mobile.


By incorporating gradients into your WordPress website page buttons, you can elevate the overall design and create visually captivating calls-to-action. Whether you choose to use a CSS gradient generator, leverage a page builder like Elementor, or utilize a plugin like CSS Hero, the process of adding gradients is relatively straightforward. Remember to follow best practices and consider factors such as consistency, readability, contrast, and responsiveness to achieve the desired visual impact. Now, go ahead and experiment with gradients to make your page buttons shine on your WordPress website.

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