7 Hidden Wonders | Deep Attraction of Pakistan

7 Hidden Wonders | Deep Attraction of Pakistan

Pakistan is fortunate to have such wonderful natural resources. We also have some of Pakistan’s hidden wonders, which are comparable to the Seven Wonders of the World. There are numerous beautiful wonders in Pakistan that need to be discovered. We must thus visit these areas before making travel plans. These are the locations that you might not have yet visited. The good news is that this site allows you to learn more about these beauties.

Princess of Hope

Princess of Hope is one of the stunning rock sculptures found in the Makran coastal highway mountain range, which is a part of Pakistan’s natural heritage. This is located 190 kilometers from Karachi in Pakistan’s Hangul National Park, which is perhaps the biggest national park. The Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie gave this place the moniker “princess of Hope” when she visited in 2002. The transformation of this Rock into a princess appears flawless. A lone statue of the Princess of Hope with a regal gown and a hood stands there.

Island of Seven Hills

The name “Island of Seven Hills” refers to Astola Island. It is situated in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province beside the Arabian Sea. The Pasni district, a subdivision of Gwadar, includes this island. In June 2017, Pakistan declared this island to be part of its marine protected area. Camping, deep sea diving, and fish hunting are all excellent activities here.

Trango Tower Gilgit Baltistan

Climbing enthusiasts should visit this location in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan’s Karakoram mountain range. It is regarded as one of the world’s greatest vertical rocks and the tallest cliff. Before 1992, not many people knew about this significant location because two Australians broke the world record for base jumping from Trango Towers. This tower is thought to be the most difficult rock to scale. Have you have the fortitude to scale this tower?

Ansoo Lake Kaghan valley KPK

We also have a fascinating location that many people have been to. This lake may be found in Pakistan’s KPK province’s Mansehra. It has been there for a very long time to draw attention. Because it appears to be a tear from a distance, the Ansoo Lake was given that name by the locals of the region. Since it is surrounded by ice, it has a human-like appearance.

The Paleolithic Aror

One of Pakistan’s most enticing destinations is Aror Rock in Sindh. It is located in Rohri, close to the settlement of Chancha. Allchin made the discovery of this hill in 1975. Many archaeologists think that the limestone rocks of the Paleolithic Aror date back to the Stone Age. In France, this hill also resembles a rock. You must see this well-known Rohri hill, which is situated on a limestone plateau, on your subsequent trip to Sindh.

Tooba Mosque in Karachi

Back in 1969, this mosque was constructed. The Tooba Mosque is located in Karachi’s DHA Phase 2 neighbourhood. It is well-known for having a single, sizable Dome as its structure. The largest single dome mosque in the world is thought to be this stunning white marbled mosque. It is a unique location due to its artistic structure and dome-like shape. A lot of the locals refer to this mosque as Gol Masjid.

Katas Raj Temples

The M2 Motorway passes beside the Katas Raj temples, which are thought to be around 1500 years old. It is located in Punjab’s Chakwal district on the Potohar Plateau. Hindus revere the lake that surrounds these elaborate structures because it is thought to be divine. From Punjab, many Hindus make the trip to this location.

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