Discover Lahore Places | People, Area, and Famous Sites

Discover Lahore Places | People, Area, and Famous Sites

Discover Lahore Places Lahore is one of Pakistan’s favorite cities and the second-largest city in the nation. It is the capital of Punjab state and ranks 25th in the world. Lahore is well-known for its beautiful historical sites, as well as for its food streets. It is the best place to go when traveling to Pakistan because of its abundance of resources in the form of land.

The population of Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city after Karachi, with a population of 9.3 million as of the 2018 census, while the government estimates place the community’s size at somewhere between 10 million and 12 million.

Area of Lahore

Around 1,772 kilometers of the square makeup Lahore city.

Famous Places in Lahore

1-Badshahi Mosque

As a result, this mosque is well-known and called the Imperial mosque. This magnificent mosque was constructed in 1971. In 1973, the building’s construction was finished. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim that this location is an ideal historical location to be a part of right now. The city of Lahore’s worth-visiting location for family-style picnics is here.

2-Grand Famous Jamia Mosque

This lovely mosque may be found in Lahore, instead of Bahria Town. This mosque is thought to be the seventh largest in the entire world and the third most notable mosque in all of Pakistan.

3-Wazir Khan Mosque

One of the prettiest and greatest mosques to visit in Lahore has been this one. This mosque is completely embellished with priceless marble and clusters. This area is completely filled with the ideal representation of Indo-Islamic architecture.

4-Data Darbar

This area has a well-known reputation as an ancient Muslim shrine. This location is as close to the Bhatti Gate venue as it gets to Lahore. This location is well-known for those seeking blessings and has always welcomed both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

5-Shia Masjid Lahore

You can visit the magnificent Shia Masjid in Lahore to get a true sense of Shia culture. This location is great for sightseeing and is frequently filled with participants in the final jafriya.


With the assistance of the Jinnah Library, this location in Lahore has been enhanced in beauty. This library exudes the elegance of a baroque white mansion that is filled to the brim with a treasure trove of volumes. Lawrence Garden is another well-known name for this garden. You can go there for a picnic or simply to read the best books the library has to offer.

7-Jilani Park

This park is situated near Jail Road in Lahore instead. This park has consistently been the major destination for organizing performances and flower exhibitions during the spring.

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